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Upcycling and Crafts Sustainable designs furniture and accessories for home and office

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We are a brand passionate about design that accompanies inhabiting sustainable spaces with furniture and decoration objects made from waste and biomaterials.

Our products are designed to be functional and durable over time. Each one has its own history, as authentic as it is sustainable.

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Why extract
new resources yes already
are there so many deprecated?

We revalue waste, imagining new ways of using it and creating new products. We prevent thousands of waste from going to landfills and contaminating the soil or water.

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We connect our roots
as children of the earth.

Air, water and soil
deserve to be clean.

We are all connected because we are part of the same living organism.

We are in debt to the planet,
it’s time to choose and consume consciously

Waste count

Together we will continue to prevent tons of waste from reaching landfills, polluting the soil, air and water.


We #Remade

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